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this is so amazing !! i love everything about this game and cannot wait for the full version!! the art is gorgeous, and i love the subtle changes in the mermaid's face as you talk to her! <3

I know I said this on twitter already but this game is so lovely! The writing/art is great and so are the characters. You really know how to make for a sweet story (no pun intended concerning the food...) and this game left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Definitely my favorite game from ilujam that I've played so far! I would love love love to see more of this in the future.

Wow, this is really nice! The art and writing are both lovely and definitely have a magical fairytale feeling. I believed in the connection between the characters and it's cute to have it revolve around baked goods - but I also enjoyed the sense that there was some more darkness in the mermaid's world, in contrast to the very sweet world of the confectioner, that would come up as their relationship continued. I'll definitely play more if you ever continue it!

Just a gameplay test.


thanks! i'm glad that everything seems to be in working order!